Sunday, August 16, 2009

scratch that, reverse it

WOW- it's been a while. Since the last time I wrote in this blog I have gotten divorced, had my house repossessed, gone back to college, stopped speaking to my mother for 1.5 years (and then just recently started again), moved into my very first apartment- sans roommate, and have been an experiment in living the single life in my late 20's and early 30's.

I read back to some of the earlier posts (ok, there were only two, so it wasn't like this was a tremendous effort on my part) where I didn't even recognize the naive, "blissfully married" woman I once defined myself to be. I was thinking of re-naming this blog to what I have named this entry because I feel as though I my life has done a complete flip flop. At 23, I felt as though I were 53, carrying not only the burdens of my own fledgling life but those of my then-husbands as well. Now, at 30, I feel younger and more immature than I ever have, the weight of having to carry another person's indecisiveness in life having been lifted from my shoulders.

So that leads me to where I am right NOW. In this moment. Right now, I feel that this little *hot bliggety blog* has a most appropriate title, for 3 reasons. 1) Southeast Michigan is currently experiencing one of it's hottest days on record. 2) I am experiencing a constant feeling of hotness (no, not because of my amazingly good looks-HA!) from spending a solid 6 hours in "ozone action" sun. On a lake. Water intensifying what was already incredibly intense. So I am now as crispy as the extra-done pieces of bacon I enjoyed during my pre-lake breakfast yesterday. And finally, the third reason, 3) I did a google search for this blog in the hopes to find it again (which I didn't- at first). What I did find was about 5 million other people had adopted my uber-cute and original title for a blog as their own, which made me hot with helpless anger. I feels as though those people have broken into my secret vault of *cool*, stolen one of my creations, and then claimed it as their own. The nerve. The sheer nerve. But then I realized theirs were called "hot bliggity blog"'s, and a little "e" saved me from having to come up with an entirely new, uber-cool name for my project. At least there was one letter in between me and complete mundanity.

So while the name of this blog remains the same, the girl/woman/femme who is writing it has been completely transformed since its inception. She is now someone she never thought she would become: an undergraduate student at 30, a divorcee, a writer. While it is challenging and somewhat uncomfortable to think of myself as the latter, I realize that I have been my whole life. So it's time to start claiming it and doing something with it. I have been wanting to find a way to challenge myself to some daily writing, and here it is. So welcome to my new and improved Hot Bliggety Blog, where I hope to have an outlet for writing about my thoughts and doings, and where I hope to make at least one person out there on the inter-webs laugh, relate and be too intimidated to ever have the audacity to name their blog the same thing. ;-)


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