Tuesday, July 24, 2012

trying to upsell myself

So, in an effort to actually meet people when it seems all facets of my life lead to isolation (being a writer, living with my grandmother, etc) I posted a profile on a dating website.  Here it is.  Please let me know your thoughts, opinions, additions, etc.  Oh, and hang in there... it's a long one.

Number one: I live with my 93 year old grandmother to take care of her. My father (her son) passed away when I was a teenager and I have taken on the responsibility of making sure that she is safe, well fed and very well taken care of. Some of you may think that's just "so sweet "and others of you will run for the hills. Please, go run. If you think me taking care of my family is lame then I wouldn't want to date you anyways. She took care of me my entire life and I feel it is an honor and privilege to take care of her. That said, I am not a saint and do not claim to be one. I just love my (very small) family.

I am currently finishing up my very last semester at U of M Ann Arbor and will be receiving my bachelors in Film Studies (essentially) in August. It's been a long time coming and I have encountered many road blocks, but I never gave up. I'm proud and cannot wait to reach that milestone for myself.

Along with doing school work to keep me busy, I am also being paid to write a movie. It's nothing spectacular, just a chick-flick, but I am hoping it will be something that will be profitable and marketable. Or at least get my name out there!

I dream of living in Paris and attending Culinary school there, being a writer in New York City (I will live there someday), having one of my movies get made and seen in a theatre. I also dream about my future children and being a mommy. I think that one can achieve their dreams and have children, too. All the better, in fact, so the kids learn how to go after their own dreams.

I enjoy grocery shopping, making lists, road trips, camping, being outdoors, foreign films, writing, iPhone photography, indie music, going on adventures, traveling, cooking, naps, and being active and busy with a goal ahead of me to achieve. I love spending time with my niece and nephew and I also love my cat, Tortellina (or "T", as I call her). We love to snuggle together everyday. Well, she snuggles and I pet her ;-)

Ok, so that's what I do... Here's who I am (they are separate, you know):

A creative, free-spirit type whose life is her art. I am sensitive (some say overly, but usually to those who are "underly"), kind, thoughtful, intuitive, generous, intelligent, funny, inquisitive. I have been curious since birth and my favorite question is "why?" Not to be obnoxious or annoying, but to increase my understanding and get to the bottom of a situation. I have all of those great qualities but I have faults, too. Nobody's perfect and I am no exception. Some of those are: tendency to procrastinate, can get jealous, maybe a little complain-y sometimes, can be judgmental, a little flighty. I try to be aware of my shortcomings so I can always work to improve myself. (Oh, I also attend a weekly support group and periodically see a psychologist to help out with that, too.) I am a real person- open and honest and present.

What I want more than anything is to have a family. One that is healthy and strong, unconditionally loving and supportive, and what I live for. I want to raise my children to be healthy (emotionally and physically) and happy independent individuals who genuinely care for others and treat them accordingly.

Here's who I hope you are:
Intelligent, funny, attractive, witty, thoughtful, considerate, open minded, responsible and not too dependent on any sort of substance. You enjoy many of the same things as I do, but may throw in a wild card or two to make it interesting. You are mature and in touch with your emotions, able to ask for and communicate what you need and are interested in improving yourself constantly as well. You are ambitious with big dreams/goals and you recognize something amazing when it is in front of you. You are a deep thinker- you ponder things bigger than yourself every once in a while. You're quirky or weird in some way, no status quo for you.

Wow! Did you make it this far? Good for you. In celebration you should send me a message!

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I like it :) - Cheryl